Tentacle Timebar

Multipurpose Timecode Display

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The TIMEBAR is a lightweight and versatile timecode display with high-contrast OLED technology, suitable for studio and on-set use.
It also serves as a fully-fledged timecode generator, timer, text display and more.


The TIMEBAR is the all-rounder among timecode displays, combining multi-functionality with a high-contrast display. Equipped with OLED technology, the TIMEBAR features a unique alphanumeric design that ensures excellent readability, making it suitable for use both in the studio and on set. It serves as a reliable timecode generator or as a timecode display for directors and the team.

The TIMEBAR can be used as a timer or stopwatch device for presenters and content creators. Its versatility extends to displaying text messages via Setup App, making it a true multitool among timecode displays.

The OLED display not only provides high contrast, but also ensures low energy consumption, allowing the TIMEBAR to last throughout the entire day. To facilitate sustainable and long-term use, both the battery and the OLED display are easily replaceable and can be obtained from the official shop or numerous authorized dealers.

The Tentacle TIMEBAR seamlessly integrates into the overall Tentacle workflow, allowing easy and intuitive operation through the familiar Setup App via Bluetooth®. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience for users in various production scenarios.


High-contrast OLED Technology with a Wide Viewing Angle
Compact & Lightweight
Unique Alphanumeric Display Design
Typical Battery Runtime 24 hours
Control, Sync & Operate all devices via Bluetooth®
Timecode Generator with TC In & Out
Timer & Stopwatch Functionality
Text Display
Tentacle Sync Studio Software License included (macOS)
Limited Two Year Warranty
Designed and Manufactured in Germany



3.5 mm Jack: Timecode In/Out
USB Connection: USB-C (USB 2.0)
USB Operating Modes: Charging, Firmware Update

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