Terms and Conditions

Preliminary conditions

The prices indicated on this site do not include transport, insurance, consumables and bureaucratic costs relating to work safety.

The prices indicated on the site are subject to change without notice, the quote sent by Audionoleggio srl indicates the real prices.

To make the rental it is necessary to have communicated your tax data.

To send tax information, you need to fill in the relevant form accessible from the “Tax Registration” page.

The sending of the quote, in the absence of acceptance of the same, does not automatically guarantee the availability of the equipment.

Delivery of technical material

Delivery time: from 14:30 to 17:30 on the day before use.

At the time of delivery of the material, the Customer undertakes to check its status together with the assigned staff.

The Customer also undertakes to verify that the material is in perfect state of maintenance and operation, complete with the equipment indicated in the Rental Agreement, thus relieving Audionoleggio srl from any responsibility for the efficiency of the equipment delivered.

The Customer undertakes to return the rented material in the same condition found at the time of collection.

The Customer is required to communicate to the staff, before taking delivery of the material, any discrepancy with respect to what is indicated in the transport document and in the rental contract.

In the absence of such notification, the Customer authorizes Audionoleggio Srl to charge all the discrepancies of the rented material, found upon return of the same.

Audionoleggio Srl assumes no responsibility for any malfunctions due to careless use or technical inability.

The loading of the material is expressly the responsibility of the Customer who guarantees its integrity during transport.

Customer Obligations:

During the rental period, the Customer is the custodian of the material and undertakes to:

  • Use and store the material together with the accessories diligently, with the utmost caution and in compliance with any warnings and precautions suggested by Audionoleggio Srl.
  • Take care of routine maintenance, which allows for daily use.
  • Proceed to pay for any damage caused during the rental and to reimburse Audionoleggio srl for any expenses, including legal ones, incurred due to and / or as a consequence of such damages.

Insurance is the responsibility of the customer. For this purpose, Audionoleggio srl undertakes, upon request, to provide a value / serial list of the rented material.

Return of technical material

Drop-off time: from 9:30 to 12:30 (morning time) on the next day of use.

The Customer undertakes to return the material to the Audionoleggio Srl headquarters by the agreed date.

The Customer may extend the delivery deadline by making a request before the scheduled deadline and only with the prior consent of Audionoleggio Srl.

In the event that the material is not returned within the established terms, the Customer will be required to pay Audionoleggio Srl an extra fee for each day of delay.

The material must be in the same state in which it was hired, well stored and stored.

In the event that, for operational reasons, the need arises to attach stickers, change the aesthetic appearance of the product, it is mandatory to restore the material in the condition at the beginning of the rental.

The devices are supplied without batteries and consumable accessories, available for sale at Audionoleggio srl and must be returned without batteries or the fee for the disposal of exhausted and polluting products equal to € 0.10 / pc will be charged.

The rental ends when Audionoleggio Srl takes delivery of the material and verifies the conditions in which it is found, in contradiction with the Customer.

In the event of a malfunction, the Customer is required to contact, at the number indicated on the contractual documentation, Audionoleggio srl which is the only person authorized to perform interventions and / or repairs on the material.

In the event of a request by the Customer for replacement material, Audionoleggio Srl guarantees business continuity by providing, based on availability at the time, material with the same characteristics.

The unloading of the material is the responsibility of the customer.


Logistics, transport and customs bureaucracies are the responsibility of the customer.

Any customs dispute is the customer’s responsibility as it is provided with the serial number list and, if necessary, with the Carnet A.T.A..

The Court of Milan is competent for any dispute.