Tentacle Sync E

Small Bluetooth Timecode System

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Tentacle SYNC E mk2 – Smart Bluetooth™ Timecode Generator
The new Tentacle SYNC E mkII timecode generator is based on the well-known SYNC E.
We have made it ready for the future with Bluetooth 5 and improved battery management.
The rest of the improvements you won’t recognize, but make the production much easier to handle.
Everything else is as good as always: same precision, same size and weight, same features, full compatibility with all Tentacle devices.


1x Tentacle Sync E, timecode generator with Bluetooth connectivity
1x USB 2.0 cable, USB-A / USB-C, 5cm
1x USB battery charger
1x Tentacle Sync cable, 3.5mm plug / 3.5mm plug

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