XLR Holder MK II

Indispensable for cable or plug on

1,22 € day price incl. VAT1,00 € day price excl. VAT



The XLR Holder Mk II fits between any 3/8″ male threaded boom pole or mic stand and any 3/8″ female microphone shock-mount or windshield system.
The holder securely grips all XLR connectors, at a set distance from the side of the pole to prevent the XLR becoming unclipped or making noise.
The XLR Holder Mk II is also strong enough to support the fitting of most standard plugon transmitters.
The XLR Holder Mk II is made from a metal replacement polymer, developed in the automotive industry for SUV door handles. T
he material has metal properties in terms of stiffness, but with a rubber additive to reduce the brittleness and a UV stabiliser to prevent breakdown in UV light.
The XLR Holder Mk II will be supplied as standard at no extra charge in Modular Suspensions and all Mono & Stereo Windshield Kits. Or it is available to be purchased separately.

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