Wisycom SLK54-IK

SUPERSLOT/UNISLOT” kit for Ikegami, Panasonic, SuperSlot

4,88 € day price incl. VAT4,00 € day price excl. VAT



“SUPERSLOT/UNISLOT” kit (upper flange +rear-panel)
Compatible with:
– Sound Device SuperSlot (4 audio outs in capable devices, i.e. Soundevices™ SL-2)
– MRK16 Multi Slot rack (4 audio out)
– Unislot (Ikegami, Panasonic cameras)
– Sound Devices superslot 2 audio outs SL6

Note 1] with most Panasonic cameras (i.e. AJ-PX5000, AJ-PX3100) supports:
 programmable warning on camera view finder
 remote turn-on/off via camera control

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