Wisycom MCR 54 Dual

Dual True Diversity Receiver

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MCR54 DUAL is a camera dual true diversity wireless microphone receiver system in a modular stand alone or slot in configuration.
Each receiver has a dedicated filter and then can be tuned independently.


2 channels True Diversity receiver with indipendent tuning (4 Receiver boards!)
Exceptional compactness and high robustness
DSP Analogue & Digital Audio Output (AES3)
Up to 790 MHz bandwidth in 470/1260 MHz range
Next Gen Multiband front-end filtering:
High Q electronically tunable filter in 470-800 MHz
1st narrowband filter
2nd narrowband filter
Wideband and Narrowband DSP-FM operation (SW selectable):
Narrowband allows more 50% band efficiency
Narrowband allows about 3dB extra sensitivity and noise immunity
Extreme low noise VCO with ultrafast spectrum scan for optimal quick & easy setup
High contrast OLED display
Automatic scan & transmitter programming through infrared and Bluetooth 5
DSP based for extreme flexibility and multi-companding operations
Monitor & control through USB C or Bluetooth 5 (long range) on Wisycom Manager v3.2.1 (computer SW)
Rear antenna connectors and micro audio and power adapter