URSA Thigh Straps

RSA Straps thigh strap with vertical transmitter pouch

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URSA Thigh Straps come with a unique polyurethane gripper which keeps them from slipping down the leg.

There are two versions of Thigh Straps available. You can choose a Thigh Strap with a standard vertical pouch or a horizontal sideways pouch.
The sideway pouch is useful for hiding small transmitters under mini skirts.
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Dimensions: 63cm long x 10cm wide
Unique oval of Gripper is fitted inside the Pouch to keep the transmitter in place.
Big Pouches measure 10cm tall x 8cm wide
Integrated cable pocket allow the mic cable to be looped and secured on the strap without the need for sticky tape.
Colour Coded labels allow quick identification of strap size.
URSA Straps are Machine Washable at 40 degrees
Hang dry or Tumble dry at a low temperature.
All our straps are manufactured by hand in the United Kingdom.

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