Ursa Straps Waist

The original ultra-slim, breathable strap

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URSA Straps pouches are designed to keep big transmitters locked in place without the need for any additional velcro fastening. To get your transmitters into the pouch simply stretch the opening. Once the transmitter is inside the top stitches will spring back and hold the transmitter in place. URSA Straps also utilizes an integrated cable pocket allowing the mic cable to be looped and secured on the strap without the need for sticky tape.

URSA Straps are just 1mm thick and have a pleasant feel to the touch. They provide excellent stretch, comfort and breathability for the talents that have to wear them. The outside surface of the strap is made in such a way that any hook-side Velcro can grip to it. URSA Straps are also machine washable.


  • excellent stretch, comfort and breathability
  • 1mm thick material eliminates any costume issues
  • unique bonded fabric which velcro can grip at any point
  • integrated cable pocket
  • colour coded labels allow quick identification of strap size
  • machine washable at 30 degrees
  • hang dry or tumble dry at a low temperature
  • available in both beige or black

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