URSA Sticky Circles

Sticky Circles for reliable mic placement.

19,52 € incl. VAT16,00 € excl. VAT



In this pack you get 90 pre-cut 24mm diameter Sticky Circles.
URSA Sticky Circles are 24mm in diameter, see-through and very low profile at just 0.4mm.
The sticky tape is certified hypoallergenic so it can be used directly on skin. You can also use it on fabrics as it leaves no residue and peels off without tearing.
Each URSA Sticky Circle has been pre-cut and has a small peel-off tab for easy & fast use.
They are compatible with a variety of mic mounts including RM11s, DPA Concealers and can also be used with URSA MiniMounts.
You get 30 of these stickies with every pack of URSA Plush, Fur or Soft Circles.