Professional CD Recorder & Player

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TASCAM’s CD-RW4U is a professional audio CD recorder, designed to be economical and space conscious. This CD player’s small footprint and affordable price point enable it to be installed in place of a CD player in most any situation.
The CD-RW4U’s durability, comes from the TEAC CD-RW mechanism. Rather than utilizing a modified consumer CD player mechanism, the CD-RW4U uses a TEAC CD-RW computer mechanism. These drives are extremely robust, carrying a mean time between failure rating of 100,000 power-on hours.
Given the CD-RW4U’s durability and small size, this becomes the ideal CD player or recorder for building directly into a podium on stage or in a restaurant, or even in a utility closet. Given the attractive enclosure, it is even appropriate in visible locations on counter tops or desks.

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