Table Stand & InVision® 7HG

Rycote Table Stand

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The Table Stand allows a microphone or recorder to be mounted on a flat surface, leaving both hands of the recordist free, and may be used in broadcast studios or for location recording where a desk or other flat surface is available.
The Rycote Table Stand is 70mm round, has a non-slip base, and features a 3/8-inch screw thread into which Rycote microphone suspensions, audio recorder suspensions or clips fitted with small-diaphragm or shotgun microphones up to 250mm long may be attached.
It is sold separately, or together with Rycote InVision® INV-7 HG MkIII Lyre® mount if required. This optional mount holds microphones from 19 to 25mm in diameter, and will securely hold microphones of up to 250mm in length when mounted in the Table Stand. As always, Rycote’s patented Lyre® web decouples a mounted microphone extremely efficiently from the Table Stand, resulting in the minimum of vibrations (and thus unwanted noise) being passed to the mic capsule.

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