Sound Devices 688 with SL6

Field Production Mixer with SL 6

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The SL-6 powering and wireless system implifies interconnection between the 688 and multiple channels of wireless by accepting three dual-channel slot-compatible receivers.

Using the SuperSlot™ interconnection standard, the SL-6 offers all powering, audio interconnection, and control needed for SuperSlot-compatible receivers. The SL-6 attaches directly to the 688 and offers built-in NP-1 battery powering for the 688 mixer, slot receivers, plus four additional DC outputs for external peripherals. The SL-6 also offers built-in antenna distribution.


  • Accepts three dual-channel slot-in wireless receivers for a total of six channels
  • Compatible with existing slot-in and new SuperSlot wireless receivers
  • Ability to set SuperSlot-compatible receiver frequency and power on/off from the 688
  • Ability to monitor SuperSlot-compatible receiver audio, RF, and transmitter battery levels from the 688
  • Accepts digital audio with MCR 42 Wisycom wireless receiver.
  • No need for cables
  • Built-in antenna signal distribution
  • NP-1 battery slot for powering 688, receivers and external peripherals
  • USB charging port
  • 2x 12V isolated outputs
  • 2x non-isolated direct battery outputs
  • PowerSafe 10-second power reserve

Not includes: Wisycom MCR 42

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