Sennheiser MEB 114 Cardioid Table Boundary Microphone

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Sennheiser MEB 114 Cardioid Table Boundary Microphone designed to provide accurate and intelligible speech reproduction for meetings, conferences, and presentations. It can be placed temporarily on a table or permanently mounted if desired.

Its cardioid polar pattern rejects sound from behind the capsule, giving a more focused pickup zone. Its wide frequency range of 40 Hz to 20 kHz and high maximum SPL of 140 dB deliver clear audio free of distortion. The MEB 114 terminates to a mini-XLR jack. A 9.8′ mini-XLR to XLR 3-pin cable is included for connection to a mixer or microphone preamp. The mic operates on 24 to 48V phantom power and requires no batteries.

The cardioid polar pattern has a wide directional characteristic, which rejects sound hitting the rear of the microphone
Unobtrusive boundary microphone allows for surface installation in tables or ceiling tiles
Can be installed permanently or used as a portable mobile microphone
Wide frequency response and high maximum SPL ensure accurate and distortion-free sound
Includes mini-XLR to XLR 3-pin for compatibility with standard microphone preamps

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