Sennheiser LSP 500 pro

The LSP 500 PRO is a wireless two-way audio system 120 W

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With the LSP 500 PRO system, Sennheiser defines a new product category. The German manufacturer has gathered its expertise to conceive an amplified Wi-Fi speaker, with integrated management of radio microphones (up to 3 optional) and the ability to reproduce Bluetooh and USB audio content in different formats, in addition to the traditional analogue. The integrated DSP equalizes the signal and manages the delay of the farthest speakers. Power is supplied by a lithium ion battery; there is a second accumulator for the necessary back-up. The overall autonomy extends up to 7 hours. Via USB it is possible to play files in MP3, wav, wma, aac and flac formats, as well as record audio in wav format. As regards system control, Sennheiser has seen fit to use a real integrated mixer where it is possible to intervene, in real time, on the levels of each unit and from the menu. check every parameter, including the battery charge levels of both the radio microphones and the speaker. LSP 500 PRO: the features. The LSP 500 PRO system stands out for two fundamental aspects: the RF section guaranteed by the reliability of the Sennheiser brand, in fact the reference in the sector, and the acoustic drivers, to whose development Neumann, a company owned by the group known for his Studio Monitor Systems. Added to the intrinsic quality of the product are other important aspects, aimed at drastically reducing the time needed to install and uninstall the system, as well as increasing its functionality and reliability. Thanks to the wireless connection, all that needs to be done to make the system operational is a quick set-up. Battery power supply avoids connection to the electricity mains: it is possible to extract the back-up battery even while the system is in operation to recharge it. Furthermore, there are aspects that, indirectly, help to avoid wasting time such as: for example, the Bluetooth input to amplify a telephone call in the room, or the USB player for background music or, again, the powered microphone input at 48V, etc. Lastly, but still important, the cleanliness of the installation is guaranteed by the absence of connection cables. Finally, it is still possible to connect the LSP 500 PRO systems to each other via cable, as well as connect an amplified subwoofer via cable, if the system requires it. The LSP 500 pro is transported with its comfortable trolley


* Wireless non included

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