Phonak Invisity

Phonak Invisity Flex In-Ear Receiver

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Phonak Invisity Flex In-Ear Receiver

The Invisity Flex is a single frequency, programmable, narrow-band RF receiver. Programmable frequencies fall within a 7mHz band with a choice of 6 ranges. Programming is accomplished with the Invisity Programming Unit (IPU aka “The Toaster” which is sold separately). The programming can be done at your dealer or program your own with purchase of the IPU. All other parameters are fixed to Phonak factory standards.

A rotating switch built into the housing of the Invisity Flex allows on/off and (2) volume settings. The Invisity Flex really is practically invisible since it is worn inside the ear and disappears into the ear canal. The ergonomic design ensures greater comfort for longer wear periods.

All Invisity units are provided with a softbox, zinc-air-batteries and wax guards. Battery life is estimated at 13 hours of continuous use.