Wisycom MTP 41S Transmitter

Mini Bodypack Transmitter

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MTP41S is an extremely small and light pocket transmitter specially designed for professional wireless microphone applications.
The continuous shrinking spectrum has given us the opportunity to find new solutions and face the upcoming problems related to noise, interferences, and reduced working bandwidth.

Main features:

It provides the widest switching bandwidth available, up 232 MHz range to find the best frequency, anywhere in the World.
It mount the best selective audio filter to avoid any ultrasonic interference.
Advanced linear technology eliminates intermodulation distortion for more robust signal, extended range, and the ability to operate several transmitters within closeproximity to each other.
The combination of Narrowband and Linear transmitters allow you to tune every 200kHz and the reduced RX bandwidth gives 3dB uplift in sensitivity.
Switching by SW in “wideband” mode”, MTP41S-UN mantains full compatibility with all previous Wisycom legacy receivers.
The transmitter is designed for maximum performance with minimal power consumption which generates less heat – it is always comfortable to wear or operate.
ENC and ENR algorithms for perfect audio in any application almost delay free with create and shape presets for the desired sound.