MKE 600 Kit

Shotgun Sennheiser for cameras

42,70 € day price incl. VAT35,00 € day price excl. VAT



The MKE 600 is the ideal video camera/camcorder microphone able to handle even demanding filmic challenges. Due to its high directivity, the MKE 600 picks up sounds coming from the direction in which the camera is pointing and effectively attenuates noise coming from the sides and rear. The switchable “Low Cut” filter additionally minimizes wind noise.
Because some video cameras/camcorders do not provide phantom power, the MKE 600 can also be battery powered. A battery on/off switch prevents the battery from discharging prematurely; “Low Batt” is displayed.

Package including:

  • MKE 600 shotgun microphone
  • Rycote or Rode Carbom 3 m. boom pole
  • Suspension Rycote
  • Softie Rycote
  • Foam windshields
  • Cable XLR/XLR 30 cm with Boom cable interlock rycote
  • 2 Cable XLR/XLR 6 m

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