DPA 4018 C

Shotgun Supercardioid Microphone Compact

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This mic is part of the flexible d:dicate™ Microphones Series.
It has a highly-directional supercardioid pickup pattern with a smooth and uniform off-axis frequency response.
The d:dicate™ 4018c Supercardioid Microphone is designed for a broad range of music recording and broadcast/ENG/film long-distance miking applications. It can be used for booming, dialogue, interview and table or spot-recording use. The mic also offers superb expandability through modular accessories. It is ideal for use as spot or hanging mic for orchestra recording situations.The supercardioid shape is frequency independent, securing an identical sound color around the microphone.
The usual rear lobe heard on most supercardioids is minimized on this capsule. This makes it much more isolated without sudden frequency dependent peaks and dips.


  • Low noise and high sensitivity
  • directional for high isolation
  • Most controlled supercardioid shape
  • Uniform, frequency independent directionality
  • Excellent for spot miking orchestra sections or singers
  • Modular flexibility

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