Ambient Timecode Slate

Timecode System 433 mHz

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With Clockit TC generator, a reader capable of low and high speed TC, camera strobe speed and TC diversion check, battery voltage read-out and a selectable offset of up to +/- 7 frames the ACD301 has built up a name of being a real “smart” slate. In the latest revision, MK III more features have been added to stand up for this reputation: Power consumption was optimized for the use of only 6 AA cells with improved lifetime. The 2 super bright LEDs can now externally be selected to flash either at second transition to mark frame “00” for Telecine or clapped frame. Also, the slate can display external TC and internally generated on clapping for improved playback operation with multiple cameras.

Once jammed the  ACD 301 holds the Timecode framesync for at least 24 hours.

The RF version ACD 301RF additionally features a built in transceiver module and an external transceiver in a slim aluminium box for bi-directional wireless TC transmission.
While in “Reader” mode, the internal transceiver works as receiver to display time code coming from an audio recorder, camera or playback, in “Generator” mode it transmits the generated time code. The external transceiver is configured respectively by a switch in the battery compartment.
Burst and continuous transmission from the slate are a great aid for script and can be used to remotely trigger other equipment.

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