Cedar DNS 2

Dialogue Noise Suppressor

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Cedar DNS 2 Dialogue Noise Supressor

When Cedar invented the modern dialogue noise suppressor (the CEDAR ‘DNS’), they designed it for off-line use. It quickly became a standard in post-production, winning an Academy Award® and leading the Academy to describe it as “the tool of choice for removing unwanted noise by re-recording mixers everywhere”.

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop hundreds of units ending up on location carts, in football stadia and other sports venues, at the summer and winter Olympics, in newsrooms, in live TV studios, and at other high-profile live-to-air events such as The Oscars, The Grammys and the Super Bowl.
So the DNS 2 was created, which has been designed for everyone who needs the highest quality real-time noise suppression in a small, convenient, and simple to use format. It features CEDAR’s most powerful DNS algorithm, together with the unique Learn function that calculates the noise content within a signal and determines optimum parameters to attenuate the noise while maintaining the wanted signal. This makes it simultaneously the simplest and fastest yet most effective dialogue noise suppressor
we have ever built.

Designed for use anywhere that you might need it, the DNS 2 offers:
– The latest adaptive noise suppression technology
– The fastest and most intiutive interface ever designed for DNS
– Analogue and digital inputs and outputs
– 12V operation and camera mounting points

The DNS 2 offers virtually zero latency so it can be used live without loss of lip-sync. Yet it still eliminates traffic noise, air conditioning, wind, rain, babble and general background noise, compensates for unfavourable acoustics and poor microphone placement, and suppresses excessive reverberation.
It can even output simultaneously the raw and processed versions of a single signal, which makes it ideal for use on location, as well as in the studio and in all live situations; not just live-to-air broadcasting, but also for live sound in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship.

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