Bostick Blu Tack

Bostik Blu-Tack re-usable adhesive, 60g

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Bostik Blu Tack is a permanently plastic, reusable adhesive. Blu Tack is clean and economical in use. Holds up posters, cards, children’s paintings, party decorations, maps, messages, safety pins, keys, screws, microphones, etc. Holds telephones and calculators to desks, ornaments to shelves, photos in albums, screws to screwdrivers, model parts during painting, flowers and candles in place for table and flower arrangements, etc. Cleans fluff from fabric and dirt from typewriters, model railway tracks, etc.

May be rolled and manipulated to make 3 dimensional artistic ‘models’. For use on non porous surfaces: vinyl coated wallpapers, painted surfaces, glass, and metal.


clean, safe and easy to use
an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape
hundreds of applications