Ambient Timecode Receiver

Timecode Transriceiver System 433 mHz

12,20 € day price incl. VAT10,00 € day price excl. VAT



The Ambient Timecode Link is based around a high quality transceiver which can be configured to be either

Transmitter – LED lights up green or Receiver – LED lights up red.

The TRX Series is working with Amplitude Manipulation. This quite unbeknown radio technique offers a lot of advantages compared to common AM and FM Radio Links. The receiving range for instance is equal while the power consumption is only half of the power normally needed. Furthermore, the receiver module always outputs a perfect squarewave signal independent of the distance.

This way the Ambient works for more than 100 hours with only one battery load (2 AA).

There is a sliding switch inside the battery compartment to fast change the configuration.



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