Lockit Generatore TimeCode Proxy Video Server

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The all new ACN-ML is the most powerful time code device we have ever built. It is a time code master, wireless video proxy server, and “On the Set” metadata synchronization hub.
The ACN-ML Master Lockit is both the flagship and hub of the sophisticated Ambient Clockit Network System. It provides a rock solid, highly accurate, temperature compensating time code generator. With a powerful, new processor architecture, it delivers established ACN features like 0.0ppm drift (thanks to continous jam) as well as generator buffered time code transceiver mode, and more.

Built-In WiFi enables ACN communication between iPads
The built-in WiFi router enables iPads running LockitSCRIPT and Tonmeister apps to automatically sync all metadata. It serves as the metadata synchronization hub as it’s onboard webserver collects and stores all metadata on the set. Meanwhile, iPads running LockitSCRIPT and Tonmeister apps maintain a local data backup.

ARRI ALEXA communication plus collection of critical metadata with most cameras
Ambient has partnered with ARRI to integrate ALEXA metadata protocol into the ACN-ML via ethernet. This enables the Master Lockit to provide the ALEXA with the driftless time code while the Master Lockit simultaneously collects metadata . In addition, it has built-in GP I/O and LANC ports, enabling the Master Lockit to collect record start / stop positions of most cameras, including Red, Blackmagic, and Panasonic.

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