Wisycom CTK 38 Transmitter for Phonak Invisity

Day: 25,00 € + Vat.


The CTK38 system is composed by:
– CST38, VHF transmitter module
– PSP910, 100÷240 Vac power-supply
VHF band (140 ÷ 250 MHz)
16 switchable frequencies
High output power (300 mW)
It assures the top receiving quality from MicroEar receivers, thanks to the spcial audio treatment of the modulation.
Provided with PTT (Push to Talk) and (optional) VOX (Voice-controlled operation).
Invisity by Phonak is the smallest in-ear RF receiver in the world.
Invisity is a miniature earpiece that sits invisibly inside the ear canal and weighs just 1.5 g. The perfect choice for presenters and performers who require crystal clear audio prompts, it offers total freedom of movement and is ergonomically designed for day-long wearer comfort.
Wireless 100 % wireless – no cables or belt pack required.
Invisible No wires around the ear or neck, making invisity completely invisible to audiences.
Speech clarity invisity outputs only crystal-clear, highly intelligible speech sounds.
Numerous parallel channels invisity’s channel frequency is reprogrammable meaning several presenters can use their earpieces without risk of interference.
Transmitter flexibility One transmitter, many re