UHF Wideband Antenna Wisycom 470-870 mHz

Day: 15,00 € + Vat.


Wisycom LBN1/LNN1 is a wideband UHF antenna LPDA (LOG PERIODIC DIPOLE Array).
It enhances reception providing approx 6 dB gain with typical beam-width of 90 degrees. Weather resistant, it grants perfect working even in outside locations.

LBN1 wideband UHF antenna LPDA with BNC connector
LNN1 wideband UHF antenna LPDA with N connector


AGILE: working bandwidth of 450-890 MHz
EASY & QUICK TO USE: LED display & function buttons
RUGGEDIZED: sturdy metal body construction and epoxy protection on cable joints
HIGH-PERFORMANCES: optimized 6dB gain with a typical beam-width of 90 degrees

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