Sennheiser DW 800 Intercom

DW 800 Intercom Wireless solution Sennheiser DW 800

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The Sennheiser DW800 wireless system allows users to roam over 150 yards from the system docking station for external calls or in-house communications.
Infinite battery lifetime – The DW 800 system comes equipped with two mobile units which you can Hot-Swap (patent pending) DURING a telephone conversation.
Use one while the other is charging. Batteries charge faster than the time it takes to consume power giving you infinite battery lifetime.
Dynamic Volume Control – Set your ideal personal volume. Depending on the strength of the incoming signal Dynamic Volume Control raises or lowers the volume to achieve your exact pre-set comfort level.
This prevents sudden loud noises from being uncomfortable and ensures your caller is understood clearly first time every time
Desktop docking station converts to wall mounted – No room on your desk for the docking station? No problem. Just mount it onto the wall
Exchangeable Front Covers for Mobile Units – This system is perfect for those who demand style and prefer individual solutions.
Mobile unit covers can be changed and we can offer covers to suit your own taste and décor.
Please consult your local representative to find out what solution can be made available for you
Conference Call Feature Using the intercommunication mode up to 5 people can take part in an internal conference and up to 4 people plus an external caller can confer simultaneously
Intercom Function – When both units are in use the two parties can use the intercom function to communicate on the go?
Sound Clarity System – A technology designed to improve speech intelligibility Sound Clarity System has been built in to ensure clear communication even with a poor connection or when the caller is moving around in a noisy environment. A simple push of a button activates this advanced feature for supreme audio quality
Switch for external audio interface on docking station Turn your telecommunications headset into one for PC applications at the flick of a switch.
Push-to-talk function (PTT)