Neumann KMR 81 D Digital Microphone

Day: 70,00 € + Vat.


The KMR 81 D is the transition of the well-established KMR 81 i shotgun microphone into the digital domain.

It provides all of the features of its analog counterpart, which made it a favorite of sound engineers in movie and documentary productions. Additionally it offers the advantages of the digital circuit technology, such as extended dy

namic range, a more robust operation (EMC safe) and the avoidance of clipping as a result of the integrated peak limiter/compressor.

The settings for all functions can be recalled, set and stored in the microphone by using one of the digital microphone interfaces.


Microphone presets can be stored inside the DMI-2 portable and recalled for use in the field.

The DMI-2 portable is the ideal digital microphone interface solution for ENG and other field recording applications.
It supports two digital microphones and allows adjustment of the Gain, Pre Attenuation and Low Cut filter settings at the device. The front panel display shows the selected gain and, by means of bar graphs, shows the current signal level and any gain reduction. Of course, these functions can also be operated via the RCS software, which allows complete access to all of the microphone parameters.












Further information on the digital microphone technology and the whole Solution-D system can be downloaded as PDF.



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