Wideband Active Antenna Splitter Wisycom SPL214AW

Day: 40,00 € + Vat.

Wideband Active Antenna Splitter Wisycom SPL214AW

is an active antenna splitter especially designed for wideband applications. Thanks to its very high linearity (OIP3 of 38 dBm) assure robust multichannel deployment even in presence of very strong RF interferences.

Its internal amplifier compensates splitting losses.
Moreover it is capable to supply up to 700 mA @ 12V thru coax cable needed to drive Wisycom BAW high power booster.

BROADBAND OPERATION Active splitter working in 470 MHz-890 MHz
HIGH CURRENT FEEDING 700 mA @ 12V to feed BAW high power boosters with 22dB gain
AC and DC OPERATIONs for enhanced reliability
HIGH PERFORMANCE with very high RF immunity ( > 38 dBm IIP3)

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