Sennheiser: Microphone-3d-Audio-Ambeo


Day: 70,00 € + Vat.

Sennheiser: Microphone-3d-Audio-Ambeo

Sennheiser Ambeo VR Mic, 3D condenser Ambisonics Recording- and video microphone with four matched KE 14-capsules, 360° recording, AMBEO A-B thomann format converter Plug-in to control and convert the recorded signals from A-Format to B-Format, 4x cardioid capsules, 20 – 20.000 Hz, 31 mV/Pa (-30 dBV) @ 1 kHz, impedance 200 Ohms, 130 dB SPL max, Din12M connector, incl. adaptor cable to 4× XLR3M, 4x 48V phantompower necessary, length: thomann 215 mm, diameter: 49 mm/25 mm, weight 400 Gramm, incl. elastic holder, windscreend and cable DIN12 to 4x XLR3M, channel 1: yellow XLR-connector, cannel 2: red XLR-connector, channel 3: blue XLR-connector, channel 4: green XLR-connector, Applications-Software for Mac OSX and Windows available, Mac OS X from Version 10.10), thomann Windows (from Version 8.1)


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