Aaton Cantar Mini, Portable 16-Track Recorder/Mixer

Day: 80,00 € + Vat.

Aaton Cantar Mini, Portable 16-Track Recorder/Mixer


Analog & Digital Inputs:

  • (4) low noise mic inputs, preamps with very high quality transformer. 48V Phantom, limiters, filters and EQ
  • (2) balanced line inputs
  • AES digital inputs include 2 AES42 (mode 2) / AES3 pairs (4 mono channels)
  • Built-In Slate Mic with External Slate Mic Input on 3.5mm connector


  • (8) Analog line level outputs
  • (4) AES3 Digital outputs on SubD HD 15

For Recording Media:

  • Simultaneous recording to internal mSATA 256 GB SSD drive, two SD cards and USB external drive

Metering & Controls:

  • Ultra-bright large swiveling display panel, visibility optimized for shoulder work or cart, auto adjust brightness
  • One large rotary selector for easy operations in any situations
  • On-board ten channel sliders plate with magnetic linear assignable sliders
  • Direct access to monitoring and set-up functions through dedicated buttons


  • Two identical on board quick release Lithium smart batteries ensure seamless switchover during recording
  • Up to 11 hours autonomy when using “stand by” mode
  • One XLR4 DC 13-17 Volts input for extra power when working on cart

Main Features:

  • All inputs can be routed to any of the 16 tracks, linear control sliders addressable to any inputs and output
  • All tracks and inputs can be routed to 8 analog auxiliary outputs and /or 4 digital outputs
  • Native Monophonic BWF recording with optional Polyphonic real-time mirroring to removable media
  • USB keyboard inputs for easy metadata editing and routing control
  • Enhanced Playback Monitoring with Waveform Display on front panel
  • Self-Generated PDF, CSV and ALE Sound Reports embedded with deliverable media
  • Compatible with Cantarem 2

General Specifications:

  • Open mechanical structure with independent Analog, Digital and Display modules for easy maintenance and ‘anti-obsolescence’ upgrades.
  • Housing made of machined avionic aluminum. Water and dust resistant
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.2 x 3.5 in | 259 x 234 x 90 mm
  • Weight: 6.17 lb | 2.8 Kg, with two batteries

Connectivity Inputs & Outputs:

  • (4) Balanced Analog TA3M Mic/Line
  • (1) SubDHD15 (2 pair AES42 inputs / AES3 input & output)
  • (1) Gigabit Ethernet (1 PC Connect)
  • (2) USB2 (Keyboard, external devices)
  • (1) 6.35mm (headphone output)
  • (1) 3.5mm (headphone output/ external slate mic input)
  • (1) XLR4 (DC Input)
  • (1) Hirose 4 pins (DC Output 500mA)
  • (1) LEMO 5 (Time Code)
  • (1) SubD25 (Balanced Analog Out )
  • Wi-Fi (Web app-based communication)

Additional Cantar Mini Features:

  • Mixdown can be assigned to any tracks
  • Simultaneous recording to multiple media, or backup copying of recorded tracks post-record
  • New improved interface menu accessible through buttons and jog wheel. All inputs and outputs monitoring and routing accessible through comprehensive and intuitive menus
  • 16 or 24-bit Broadcast Wave File recording at sample rates from 44.1kHz~192kHz with support for pull-up/down recording rates
  • Sample rate converters on all digital input
  • Variable delays on all analog Inputs
  • 30-second pre-record buffer
  • Generous 48V Phantom supply guarantees 8mA to each of the four mic inputs
  • High-pass filters before the preamp stage, LFA and EQ
  • Metadata entry of Scene, Take, Notes, Track Names, Roll and more with support for US and Euro-centric metadata templates
  • Aaton AutoSlate automatic slate clap detection and logging
  • M/S Recorded Tracks automatically decoded to L/R for Mixdown and/or monitoring
  • Cantar Mini reads and displays battery metadata

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